HVAC Replacement: Understanding the Process

Jun 23, 2023 | HVAC Maintenance | 0 comments

HVAC replacement involves more than simply removing and replacing your old system. The HVAC technicians will inspect the ductwork to identify needed repairs or whether it needs to be replaced. You’ll need to choose a system that is the right size and meets your energy efficiency requirements. The technicians will access your attic or crawlspace to access where the equipment is housed and modify or repair the existing ductwork as needed. After removing the old HVAC unit and installing the new one, the technician will test the unit to ensure it is operating correctly. Here’s what to expect.

Inspection and Calculation

Before your HVAC can be replaced, you’ll first need to determine whether you need to replace the entire system or if the ductwork can be repaired or modified. This will require an inspection of your existing ductwork once you’ve chosen your new system. When reviewing replacement units, calculate the size based on the square feet of your home. An HVAC professional can calculate this for you. Once you have chosen your HVAC unit and had your ductwork inspected, your technician should give you an estimate of the total costs. Review this document to ensure it fits within your budget.

Project Length

Most HVAC replacement jobs will take one to two days. If your system is more complex, or you need to replace all of your ductwork, it might take a day or two longer. Your HVAC professional should provide you with an estimated completion date in the contract.

Preparing the Area

Both you and the HVAC professionals will need to prepare for the installation work. You should move valuables to a safe location out of the work area. The technicians will place drop cloths or paper to protect your floors in various work areas. They should also move heavy items such as furniture out of the way for you. Anything that can’t be moved will be protected with plastic.

Disassembly and Removal

To remove your old HVAC unit, the technicians will need to turn off the power to your house. They will then disconnect the unit and disassemble it for removal after draining the refrigerant. If your ductwork will be replaced, the technicians will next remove the old ductwork.

Installation and Modification

If your existing ductwork needs repairs or modifications but doesn’t require removal, the technicians will next make the necessary changes or repairs. Next, they will install your new HVAC unit and hook up all of its connections. The final step will be test the installed system to ensure it is functioning properly. Replacing your HVAC system involves several steps, but the process should generally be straightforward when you work with a reputable company like Comfort Solutions. Our HVAC experts have served our customers for almost two decades and can help you understand what to expect. To learn more and receive an estimate, call us today at 703-313-2743.