Water Lines

Water Line Installation in Northern Virginia

Water lines are one of the most crucial elements of any plumbing system. It’s the one part of the system that can affect every piece of plumbing in your home. If you aren’t getting fresh water, your pipes are leaking, or your water bills are excessively high, call the professionals at Comfort Solutions. We’ll send out one of our highly trained and licensed plumbers to find the problem with your pipes and get them fixed for good. We can install, replace and repair water lines – call us today!

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Water Line Repair
When your water line has a leak, a crack or needs other repairs, we’ll be careful to get it done safely and quickly. In many cases, we are able to perform simple repairs on your water line and no major work is needed. When needed, we’ll use excavation equipment to dig up the affected section of the pipes and assess the damage.

As with many aspects of plumbing, the longer you wait to get the repairs done, the worse the damage will likely be. If you’re noticing warning signs like puddles in your lawn when it hasn’t rained, a water trail in your home, or discrepancies in the water flow, call us. One of our plumbers will come out and perform a full inspection on your water line.

If the issue is with a line directly under and leaking into your home, this makes fixing it more complex. We have the ability to excavate and repair or perform full water line replacement. We’ll do our best to leave your property and lawn intact and try to keep everything as clean as possible when we make the replacements.

Water Main Replacement
There comes a time for most homes when it’s time to replace the water lines. Whether it’s due to a shift in the ground, corrosion of the pipes, or even roots or rocks breaking the pipes, cracks, leaks and bursts can happen. Our plumbers will find the affected parts of your water line and replace out those sections that need it.

The water line running from the main on the street into your home, does more than just carry water. It can affect the quality of your water. It can also affect the water pressure on every tap, faucet and shower head in your home. These are quality of life issues that a plumbing company like us can improve very easily.

Chances are that the line running into your home was installed when your house was first built. The average home in the US is over 30 years old. Pipes have come a long way in that time, especially when it comes to rust. Have you noticed a tiny amount of rust in your water? Perhaps the water pressure has slowly been decreasing over the years. Contact us as soon as possible to see what we can do for you.

We are a local plumbing company that takes pride in getting the job done right. After the installation of your new water main, we will make sure that everything is working right. We pride ourselves on excellent service, and part of that is not leaving a mess in your home. This same process applies whether your water line needs a simple repair or to be replaced entirely. You should notice an improvement in water quality right away.

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We service water lines in Springfield, Alexandria, Arlington, Mclean, Fairfax and all areas throughout Northern Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland, and Prince William County.

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