Fan Powered Humidifiers

Fan Powered Humidifiers in Northern Virginia

Fan powered humidifiers are one type of humidifier that can be installed to help humidify the whole home. Adding humidity is a function that is only needed during the heating season and has many benefits. Some of these benefits include: health benefits, energy savings and preservation of furnishings.

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The fan powered humidifiers we recommend are the flow-through style. What this means is that fresh water will be used for humidification each time the humidifier comes on. Whatever water is not absorbed into the air stream as humidity will drain so the humidifier is constantly supplied with fresh water. There are reservoir type humidifiers also, however, that is not a style we install nor recommend because they are susceptible to bacteria growth as the water sits in the reservoir.

Where is a fan powered humidifier installed?

Fan powered humidifier are commonly installed on the supply duct of your heating and air conditioning system. If there is not enough room on the supply air duct, then we would suggest considering to have a bypass humidifier installed on the return ducts since bypass humidifiers are specifically designed for return duct applications. Fan powered humidifiers have a motor inside them that pushes air through a filter called a water panel. As the air is pushed through this water panel, the humidity is absorbed into the air stream and distributed throughout the living space.

Humidifier sizing

Because bypass humidifiers have a little less capacity than fan powered or steam humidifiers, it is important to make sure the proper humidifier is selected before having it installed. Installing a bypass humidifier that does not have enough capacity would be like trying to water your lawn with a squirt gun. One mistake we see on a regular basis is choosing the size of a humidifier based on square footage. In order to size a humidifier correctly, the amount of humidity needed should be calculated based on the cubic footage, not square footage that is desired to be humidified.

A humidifier is only as good as it is installed:
Not only is choosing the correct humidifier important, a correct installation is equally important. In many cases, we see bypass humidifiers installed incorrectly which defeat the purpose of investing in the product. We have taken the time to train our installation teams on proper humidifier installation processes.

Controlling the humidifier?

Humidifiers come with a controller called a humidistat. The humidistat is installed into the return duct which takes humidity level samples. Many of the newer heating and air conditioning systems have built in capabilities to control the humidifier automatically from the thermostat. This is a great feature which allows for optimal humidity control and takes humidity readings from the living space. Indoor humidity is affected by outdoor temperature. The newer systems on the market actually have algorithms built into the circuit board which will automatically raise or lower the humidifier setting based on these temperatures. If you add too much humidity on very cold days, you can experience water build up on the windows.


Humidifiers need regular maintenance. The minerals in tap water will eventually break down the water panel so manufacturers recommend the water panel replaced on an annual basis. In some areas of harder water, these water panels may need to be replaced twice a year. When performing humidifier maintenance, it is important to clean out the tray that distributes the water to the water panel. This distribution tray is susceptible to calcium build up that can cause leaks if not cleaned regularly. Our maintenance teams are properly trained to perform proper maintenance for humidifiers and this is a service that can be done during heating maintenance check outs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I reuse my old thermostat when installing new heating and cooling system?

You can, but it is not suggested. The thermostat is the brain of the system and controls the operation. A new digital thermostat is included with all of our complete installations.

Why should I install a humidifier?

There are many reasons to install a humidifier. One is to keep you from getting sick. Have you ever noticed that we tend to get sicker in the winter than in the summer? This is not because it is cold outside (actually there are fewer viruses in the winter than in the summer). This is a result of your body’s membranes drying and cracking which allows a direct channel for viruses to enter the bloodstream. Other reasons are to reduce dry itchy skin, static electricity and to protect wood, furnishings and musical instruments in your home. Also, by adding a humidifier, it allows you to remain comfortable at lower temperatures, which lowers your utility costs.