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You have chosen us for the quality of our heat pumps installations and service, which is unparalleled in Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC.

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Heat pumps installation is precise work, and precision workmanship is our guarantee. You have decided to invest in heat pump technology in order to save energy and save money to reduce your electricity, gas or oil bills. A proper installation ensures you get the most out of your heat pump. We offer the most capable installation procedures available in Northern Virginia from a team of technicians whose skills are manufacturer-certified.

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Your heat pump will handle both heating and air conditioning

Higher efficiency units usually cost more to purchase initially, but you save money in the long run because the system literally pays you back with lower energy bills. “High efficiency” heat pump installation is a hallmark of our service. Today’s heat pumps operate with leading edge technology that provides dependable, efficient and quiet performance. Since this engineering is being constantly innovated, it is crucial that trained and certified technicians install the equipment that you have selected.


A heat pump moves heat. The heat is moved by refrigerant. In the summer, for example, the refrigerant absorbs heat out of indoor air and transfers it outside. The indoor air is now much cooler and is re-circulated by the indoor air handling unit throughout your duct work.


The same process works in reverse during the winter. The refrigerant absorbs heat from the outside air and also uses the heat generated by that process. Even outside air that is just below freezing temperature has heat that can be extracted.


  1. You have the option of a geothermal heat pump, which pulls heat from underground. Even when it’s cold, underground temperature is very stable and warm.


Heat pumps are called “split systems” because heat pump installation involves an outdoor portion and an indoor unit. To handle a deep cold snap, most heat pumps use electric resistance heat or a gas furnace to supplement the warmth. It may only be required 15% of the time.


Once your project is complete, you immediately begin to use less electricity. Energy-efficiency ranges from what is called Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF). These ranges are from an HSPF of 7.7 to a 9.35 HSPF. A rating of 8.2 or greater is considered high efficiency. That can translate into a 30 to 40% reduction in your electricity bill, if you have electric heat.

    Our proposals are very comprehensive

    Our staff learns heat pump installation from the manufacturers themselves; we service and install all brands. The Carrier Corporation, makers of top quality heat pumps, has designated us as a Factory Authorized Dealer. We are held to an exacting set of standards. By exceeding those standards, we earned the Carrier President’s Award, which means we are in the top 1% of quality dealers in the United States. Without expert heat pump installation, we could never have achieved that designation.

    • You can get a heat pump that carries the ENERGY STAR® rating. This qualifies you for a tax rebate. Homeowners who factor the tax rebate and the years of energy savings, find heat pumps to be more cost-effective than conventional options. We will conduct an assessment of the size of the unit required for your home and your comfort preference.


    Dawn R
    Dawn R
    I recently had to replace my HVAC, and Comfort Solutions was great! I've used them before and they really know their stuff. They explained the problem to me and also to my insurance company; they are very familiar with condo HVAC units and helped me pick the right replacement unit for my space and my needs. They got the unit quickly (and kept me up-to-date on its arrival) and sent three techs for the day-long installation. The guys were great: efficient, knowledgeable, and polite. They explained everything to me as they worked, and were patient with all my questions. They were super careful working in my condo and on the roof, and ran lots of tests afterwards to make sure everything was working properly. Everyone at Comfort worked to make the whole experience as stress-free as possible for me, and I appreciate it. I highly recommend Comfort Solutions.
    Dawn Rogala
    Dawn Rogala
    These folks are the best! The techs are all very knowledgeable (especially about the speciality HVAC units in my condo building), and both the techs and office/owner were great about answering all my questions. In talking through a new problem that arose following service of my HVAC unit, they suggested duct cleaning, and sent a great team to do the cleaning... that team found stuff in my ducts from a previous owner's renovations that would have been a real health hazard if we'd let it sit there. They listen and work with you to figure out what you need. They consistently get me on their schedule quickly and stay in touch about the tech's arrival, and they check in afterwards to make sure everything went well. Like many of these reviews, I've had a great experience with Comfort Solutions and highly recommend them!
    Camden T
    Camden T
    I had another HVAC company come out to my grandmothers house to find out what the issue was, but they would not service the unit in her attic since their was a tight gap to fit through. They were the same company that installed the unit 6 years earlier and now they wouldn’t service it. I called Comfort Solutions and they had me send pictures of the space before sending a technician out and waste my money. They called me back within hours and told me they could do it and have someone out by the end of the week. They arrived on time and found the issue within 5 minutes of getting to the unit. They fixed the motor under warranty and had the AC unit fixed as soon as the part arrived. The technician Brent was very knowledgeable and professional. He walked me through the issue and also showed me some maintenance issues I can fix myself. He was here for 30 minutes and I felt more confident in them than any HVAC technician I’ve worked with. Would highly recommend.
    Adam Hoo
    Adam Hoo
    Suggested by a work colleague for superior customer service and dependability ... not disappointed! During a busy time for HVAC companies and a recent rip-off quote from a competitor, Rich from Comfort Solutions not only took time to explain the company's transparency policy, but was able to dispatch a service technician to my home within about an hour!!! Jainer the technician was excellent! Jainer was prompt, friendly, and honest about the system and service charges (including an extra cost if the visit took over 30 minutes, which he did his best to prevent). He provided comparison costs for a replacement part and contacted his boss for a system upgrade quote. Rich provided SIX side by side quotes that beat the competing company! I was floored by the speed, efficiency, and efficacy of the whole experience! I wish we had known about Comfort Solutions from the moment our AC went kaput ... they would have saved a lot of headache and hot/humid nights. We plan to accept their estimates for a new system install and will likely take one of their maintenance contracts! ... Ahem, if you're reading this Comfort Solutions, how about a glowing discount for a glowing review? JK, this company rocks and this review is well deserved! I have been disappointed by many companies in the past, but I find CS (at least Rich and Jainer) to be upfront, honest, and trustworthy. I am passing my coworker's recommendation forward: Comfort Solutions is a good bet for customer service, responsiveness, transparency, attention-to-detail, and whatever your HVAC needs.
    Michelle Dannan
    Michelle Dannan
    They have been incredibly responsive, and were able to get a service appointment in a few day's time. They even called the day before to bump our time a little earlier, which was a nice gesture. The techs (Aaron and someone else) were great. They arrived early and were very thorough, giving us an honest assessment and multiple options. Would highly recommend.
    Marianne Downs
    Marianne Downs
    Jainer was very professional and took the time to explain the steps he was taking to service our A/C unit and look at an issue we were having with our gas fireplace. He took great care with his work and our fireplace issue was resolved!

    Your heat pumps installation will be clean and efficient.


    Our technicians wear shoe covers, will lay down floor mats where necessary, and clean up thoroughly. They don’t consider the job finished until there is no sign they were there! In addition, the price you were quoted up front will be the final cost. No last-minute, hidden charges.


    furnance installation

    We do furnace installations in Alexandria, Arlington, McLean, Fairfax, and all surrounding cities.

    Expert furnace installation is the most important part of replacing your heating system
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    We have been awarded 8 times with the Carrier President’s Award. This is Carrier’s highest honor and is presented to an elite group of Carrier Factory Authorized Dealers who have achieved excellence. We exemplify our company’s model for customer satisfaction, operational excellence, business effectiveness and delivering the best in cutting edge technology to our consumers.

    -3 Levels of Service Agreements with discounts

    – Energy audits for your home or office

    – We service ALL brands of heating and A/C units



    Winner of Carrier’s highest honor with the  Carrier Presidents Award 8 times.


    Our technicians are trained in the latest technology to save you money and increase the life of your HVAC unit



    Our service team is licensed and insured for your protection on every job we perform.

    Frequently Asked Questions


    When purchasing a new air conditioner or heat pump, choosing an air conditioner or heat pump that operates with the non-HCFC refrigerant R-410A is the best choice. This refrigerant is environmentally friendly, as it has no chlorine. As of 2010, all residential air conditioners will be required to operate on non-HCFC refrigerants.


    Pairing a heat pump outside with a gas furnace inside is called a Hybrid dual fuel system. This allows automatic switching between the appliances, to provide the most energy-efficient operation. As the temperature drops outside, the system automatically switches from heat pump operation to furnace operation when it becomes the more economical way to keep your family comfortable.