How To Choose an HVAC Contractor in Northern Virginia

Investing in a new heating and air conditioning system is a significant decision. To ensure that your investment performs optimally, it’s crucial to select a qualified and reputable contractor. However, finding the right company can be a daunting task.

Keep in mind that the efficiency and longevity of your new system depend heavily on the quality of its installation. Unfortunately, the repercussions of an improper installation may not become apparent immediately. Often, issues surface after the labor warranty has expired, potentially leading to substantial additional expenses.
To aid you in identifying a qualified and quality company, consider asking the following questions. A reputable company should at a minimum, answer “yes” to all these inquiries:

Is the company a Class A Contractor?

√ Yes, Comfort Solutions is a Class A Licensed Contractor.

If having a mini split installed, will the flares be made with at power flaring tool?

√ Yes, Comfort Solutions only uses power flare tools. This is extremely important because the flare is the most common place for leaks to happen over time. The power flare tool we use produces a perfect flare every time…plus we guarantee our flares!

Is the company highly rated by customer experiences?

√ Yes, Comfort Solutions is top rated by customers with Consumers Checkbook, Angie’s List, Washingtonian Magazine, Yelp, Google, Yahoo and Merchant Circle to name a few.

Does the company offer a satisfaction guarantee?

√ Yes, Comfort Solutions offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Does the company offer a two (2) year labor for repairs warranty?

√ Yes, we provide a two (2) year labor warranty for installs at no extra charge.

Are the installers paid by the hour? (You may not think this is important, but it is very important).

√ Yes, Comfort Solutions, Inc. pays our installers by the hour. This ensures a top-quality installation. If a job needs additional time to ensure a proper installation, we will take that additional time…and you will not see any additional charges.

Did you know that many companies are paying their installers a fixed fee to perform installations? This naturally shifts the focus of the installer to get the job done as quickly as possible so they can get to the next job, which in turn sacrifices quality.

Does the company guarantee the copper joints they weld?

√ Yes, Comfort Solutions is the only company that offers 100% labor and material coverage for FIVE (5) years on welded joints. This is one of the items that may not show up for a year or longer. Our five-year warranty gives you the insurance that your system is leak free and will stay that way.

Is there a live person to answer your phone call if you have questions?

√ Yes, Comfort Solutions has full-time office staff to readily take care of your needs.

Is the pipe insulation for the outdoor unit UV rated?

√ Yes, Comfort Solutions replaces the insulation from the home penetration to the newly installed outdoor unit with a special high quality UV resistant insulation.

Does the company check the “HOLD AT” micron level? (This is extremely important)

√ On average Comfort Solutions “HOLD AT” micron level is ~250 microns or less. Performing a vacuum process on your new investment is a crucial step in ensuring a proper installation. This procedure involves the removal of moisture, which is the enemy of your refrigerant system, along with contaminants before introducing the new refrigerant. The effectiveness of this vacuum is measured in microns, and lower numbers indicate better performance.

Many companies claim to vacuum to 500 microns, but what they often omit is the “HOLD AT” micron number. It’s essential to understand this “HOLD AT” number because, in some cases, we’ve observed vacuums pulled to 500 microns only to see the microns rise to as much as 1500 after the vacuum pump is turned off. This indicates the presence of moisture and contaminants still lingering in your new system.
To safeguard your investment and potentially save thousands in the future, make sure you confirm the “HOLD AT” micron number during the installation process. This extra attention to detail can make a significant difference in the performance and longevity of your refrigerant system.

Will the refrigeration pipe be installed using special tubing benders and elbows?

√ Yes, Comfort Solutions believes this is very important because it is a direct reflection of the quality of the job being performed. This also maximizes space and minimizes the chance for future damage to the piping.

Can the new outdoor pad be set on top of an old pad?

√ No. New pads are designed to absorb sound and vibration and transmit it into the ground. If a company tries to cut corners and set a new pad on top of an old one, you will want them to remove the unit and reinstall it.

Is the company insured and do they carry Workman’s Comp insurance?

√ Yes, Comfort Solutions is fully insured and carries Workman’s Comp insurance.

Are the duct connection fittings custom made to fit your new system properly?

√ Yes, our duct fittings are fabricated from computerized state-of-the-art sheet metal equipment. We do not show up with a piece of metal and “make it fit”

Are the new duct connections sealed with mastic or caulk sealant?

√ Yes, all our new connections are sealed with UL Certified duct mastic or caulk.

Note: Most companies use tape. Tape is a lot less expensive and much faster to use, however the adhesion from the tape dries out over time and will result in air leakage from your ducts.

Will the refrigerant charge be set up with digital refrigerant gauges?

√ Yes, Comfort Solutions always uses digital refrigerant gauges. We outfit all our fleet with the highest quality digital gauges available.

Will your floors be protected while the installation is taking place?

√ Yes. Not only do we wear shoe booties, but we also use heavy duty floor runners to protect your floors and carpets. We also use protective film on carpeted stairs …and we always vacuum the area when we are completed.