Gas Lines in Northern Virginia

If you have a problem with your gas lines, don’t wait to call us. Suspected gas leaks are an emergency! After you have gotten your family out of the house and called the gas company, call us and we will be on our way. Having your gas line repaired or replaced requires expert plumbing service. This is not something you want to handle on your won. Our highly trained and licensed plumbers at Comfort Solutions have extensive experience dealing with gas lines and appliances and can provide safe and effective service for your family.

Gas leak emergency services – Keep our number on speed dial! – (703) 266-3678

Although many people are not aware of it, working with gas lines is a very important service that plumbers provide, although not every plumber can handle this complex task. As a full-service plumbing contractor, we make it our business to provide this service to our customers. If you suspect any issues with your gas line, call us immediately!

Gas Line Repair
It is not very common to have a leak, but when it happens, it is very serious. Home heating is one of the biggest users of natural gas and propane (LP). For water heaters, furnaces and other gas appliances, our plumbing company provides guaranteed safe repair service. Whether your line runs to the utility company or to a large tank on your property, we are expertly trained to handle any service you may need.

Signs of a gas line leak include:

  • Smell of rotten eggs (sulfur)
  • Bubbles above where the gas line is after it rains.
  • Dead grass and plants above where the line is buried.
  • Hissing sound near gas appliances.
  • Gas appliances are turned off, but the gas meter dial keeps moving.

Our first concern on any repair job is safety. Before we undertake any work, we’ll check the entire run for corrosion, leaks or any other damage. We’ll make any repairs or replacement before we install any new appliances. If location is an issue, for example, if you are planning to remodel, we can extend your gas lines and water lines for a more appropriate placement.

One of the options that we will offer you is the re-piping of your gas lines. This is a safe and effective choice that can end up saving you money in both the long and short run. Our plumbers are equipped to handle any size pipes. Because we train every member of our team on the latest techniques, we are ready to work with your pipes no matter how old they are. After we come out and take a look at your existing gas lines, we will be able to give you an accurate repair estimate.

Whether the job involves a simple repair or re-piping of the whole gas system, or plumbing company can help you. Do not hesitate to call us, especially when dealing with gas.

Gas Line Installation
Gas line replacements and new installations should always be handled by an experienced plumber. If replacement makes more sense than a repair, we can re-pipe your lines for you. If your previous installation has an older gas line shut-off valve, we’ll replace it with a new reliable valve. When we make the final connections, we’ll not only test for leaks, but also re-inspect the entire installation, including the appliance and all its components. We’re not finished until we’ve bled any air from the lines and certified a perfect flame for optimal operating conditions.

Gas appliances are becoming more and more popular because they are usually more energy efficient than their electrical counterparts. They also tend to be more effective than electrical appliances. Our seasoned plumbers can tackle any gas line installation, regardless of the size or age of the pipes. When you call our plumbing company, we will come out to inspect your existing gas lines and give you a no-obligation free estimate.

Not all plumbing companies install gas lines, but we do. We want to provide our customers with complete service. You shouldn’t have to go to one plumber for a dripping faucet and another for a gas line leak. For all your plumbing needs, please call us sooner rather than later.

Gas line installation & repair – Don’t wait, call today – (703) 266-3678

We service gas lines in Springfield, Alexandria, Arlington, Mclean, Fairfax and throughout Northern Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland, and Prince William County.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I smell a gas leak in my home?

Evacuate immediately, don’t use any electrical appliances or switches, and call your gas company or emergency services.