Faucet Installation

Faucet Installation in Northern Virginia

Faucet repair can make a huge difference when you have a leaky faucet in your bathroom or kitchen. A simple leak can waste up to 20 gallons of water per day and that is costing you money. Call the expert plumbers at Comfort Solutions to fix that broken faucet and stop the annoying dripping you hear in the middle of the night. Don’t let that leaky faucet become a leak in your budget!

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Faucet Repair
Trying faucet repair on your own is never a great idea. Oftentimes a small problem becomes a bigger problem and you end up going to the hardware store to buy a new one to save yourself the frustration. An experienced plumber will be able to identify if it’s a problem with the faucet itself or if it’s something else like mineral depositions, a need for a new O-ring or washer, or something else. If you notice dripping, leaking, cracks or other problems, call us immediately and let our experienced plumbing company to get your faucet repair needs fixed fast.
Leaky faucets may not seem like a big deal, but they can cost you hundreds of dollars every year.
Interesting fact: Did you know that a faucet that drips every couple of seconds wastes over 1,000 gallons of water a year? That’s why faucet repair is not something you want to put off just because of a few drips.
When you try to DIY, whether it’s faucet repair or new installation, common steps are often overlooked, and mistakes are made. That’s why no matter how simple the task may seem, you are better off hiring the best local plumbers in town to get the job done right – that’s us.

Faucet Installation/ Replacement
Whether you’ve decided to remodel or just want to replace your old faucet, new faucet installation and replacement is best left to a licensed plumbing company. Our experienced plumbers will not only handle the new faucet installation for you, but they will also be able to show you important things to look for and simple maintenance techniques that will keep your faucet running great for years.
When you call our plumbing service for leaking faucet repair, we will almost always be able to fix the problem without replacing the unit. But we might recommend replacement if the existing equipment is very old and worn out, or a cheap product that will likely leak again in the near future. One exception: outdoor faucet repair. Known as hose bibs, they dispense cold water only, and are always replaced when they start to drip.

Sometimes the housing for hot and cold water control develops cracks, which can lead to leaks and drips. Our plumbers can replace the unit entirely, using only the best grade of parts and fixtures. We carry our own catalog featuring many designer replacements that can provide a new look for your sink, last a lifetime, and operate more efficiently. We fit it to your needs, budget and style.
Comfort Solutions can help you with all your faucet needs, whether it’s repair, replacement, installation or simple maintenance tips to keep your faucet running great for years. Don’t wait until the drip becomes a steady dribble and gallons of water are lost. Give the best residential plumbing company in town a call today!

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We service faucets in Springfield, Alexandria, Arlington, Mclean, Fairfax and all areas throughout Northern Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland, and Prince William County.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my Contractor is licensed?

The license of a contractor can be verified at the Virginia Department of Professional Occupational Regulation (DPOR) website. The website is www.dpor.virginia.gov. Comfort Solutions is a Class A licensed contractor, which is the highest license the State offers.

Why is my sink/faucet dripping?

A dripping faucet is often caused by a worn-out or damaged washer or O-ring inside the faucet. Replacing these components can typically resolve the issue.

What causes low water pressure in my faucets and shower?

Low water pressure can result from mineral buildup, leaks, or problems with the water supply. Comfort Solutions can diagnose and address the specific cause.

How do I replace a toilet or a faucet?

Replacing a toilet or faucet involves turning off the water supply, disconnecting the old fixture, and installing the new one. It’s often best to hire a plumber like Comfort Solutions for these tasks if you’re not experienced.