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Duct cleaning is essential for indoor air quality in homes, offices, businesses and industrial buildings. It is not only a matter of health, but also increases energy efficiency and will extend the life of critical parts of your heating and cooling systems. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) strongly recommends air duct sanitation to address the growing threat of indoor air pollution.

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Your ducts become coated with particles that are constantly re-circulated in the air you, your family, your employees and your customers breathe every day.

Particles that may be in your ductwork:

  1. Dust and microscopic dust mites (which are real trouble for allergy sufferers)
  2. Skin cells that humans naturally shed
  3. Hair from people and pets
  4. Vermin droppings
  5. Mold

Mold is very common and extremely serious. It is most often found in insulated or bare metal ductwork. If the underlying cause of the mold is not corrected, it will grow back. Mold causes respiratory problems, especially in children, the elderly, and anyone already sick.

Improve energy efficiency: Cleaning heating and cooling systems improves energy efficiency, which results in longer operating life for your system. You will also see repair costs drop and benefit from utility cost savings.

The dust and microscopic contaminants that collect in your ducts have also attached to the working and moving parts of your system. The EPA strongly advises full system sanitation. The most complete duct cleaning service includes:

  • Indoor unit blower wheel cleaning
  • Indoor coil cleaning
  • Outdoor coil cleaning
  • Burner cleaning for furnaces
  • Drain line cleared
  • Supply and return grills cleaned
  • Oxine fogging of ductwork
  • Air filtering equipment cleaned
  • Upgraded filtration system
  • Add ultraviolet sanitation systems

Professional duct cleaning is essential in homes, commercial buildings and industrial spaces. It is also advised that you have any leaks in ductwork sealed. We can seal your ductwork from the inside. This saves even more energy. We have seen 40-50% loss of heating and cooling through duct leaks. We are duct sealing experts.

Commercial building owners and managers have a growing concern about indoor air pollution or sick building syndrome. You are advised to have duct cleaning and scouring of ALL COMPONENTS of your heating and cooling system, because contamination is released into work and retail spaces. Some of these contaminants cause allergic reactions or other symptoms in people if they are exposed to them.

  • We know your primary concern is the health of your workers, clients, customers and visitors. Yet there are legal issues surrounding indoor air quality. Lawsuits involving molds, allergens and indoor air pollution have been filed and won, resulting in significant civil damages. Courts recognize that commercial duct cleaning is an effective and reasonable safeguard that can alleviate claims because you have demonstrated an on-going effort to protect your employees, customers and visitors.

Top three reasons industry should also have ductwork scoured, according to the EPA:

  1. Increases healthful air flow
  2. Curtails fire hazards
  3. Reduces the risk of duct collapse

Manufacturing discharges dust, mist, fumes and smoke. Residues such as sawdust, oil, chemicals, ink, lint, plastic particles – virtually any particulate that is discharged in the manufacturing process- builds up on the interior of ducts. It’s a fire hazard because flammable matter such as lint, oil or wood dust may be ignited by a nearby heat or spark. The excessive residue becomes so bad that the sheer weight of it can cause ductwork to collapse or fall down.

Air duct cleaning can be essential to the well-being of your family and employees. Call 703-COMFORT/703-266-3678 for a free estimate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I have my heating and cooling system checked out?

Just as a tune-up for your car can improve your gas mileage, preventative maintenance of your heating and cooling system can improve efficiency and comfort. Manufacturers of heating and cooling equipment recommend performing preventative maintenance in the spring and in the fall. Actually, some manufacturers require maintenance to honor warranties. Comfort Solutions offers three types of preventative maintenance contracts. Call our office at 703-COMFORT for more details.