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Not only do we work on propane heating systems, we offer service and installation for all AC units and furnaces. If you do not have proper furnace service, especially on a propane furnace, performed yearly, the life of the furnace can be shortened drastically. When the gas pressure is not set correctly on a propane gas furnace, it will cause condensation inside the furnace, which in turn will rust out the furnace. Once the rust is started, it is almost possible to save the furnace. Our fully stocked fleet of vans have the proper tools to insure your gas furnace is operating properly.

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Regardless of the type of heating or air conditioning system you have in Clifton, our top rated company will provide you the best service possible. Gas furnaces and heat pumps are very popular in the Clifton area also. If you do have a propane furnace heating system, it is very important to not let the propane level in your tank run low. When the propane level gets too low, it will drop off the gas pressure and can do major damage to your gas furnace…especially if this goes on for an extended amount of time. Comfort Solutions is the best choice when looking for a quality HVAC contractor.

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