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Your heating and air conditioning system will be one of the largest investments you make in your home. We offer four levels of Comfort Service Agreements to maintain your investment and to suit your budget. In addition to priority service for three of our agreements and two check-ups a year, each service agreement provides different levels of discounts for repairs, cleanings, filter purchases, and accessory maintenance. Our Ultimate Comfort Agreement affords our clients the largest discounts.

Service Agreement maintenance helps prevent problems
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From our experience, homeowners are looking for high quality, honest, dependable service...which makes Comfort Solutions a great partner for these homeowners.

What clients are saying about our service agreements

Not only do we hear great feedback from our long term clients, we also receive a tremendous amount of positive feedback from our new clients who have switched to our service agreements. Too often these new clients share with us that before switching to us, they experienced maintenance checkouts by other companies being performed in 15-20 minutes or have had to wait days, or even weeks to get a technician out for no heat or no cooling service calls.

First, it is impossible to properly check out a system in 15-20 minutes. The service agreement checkouts our professionals perform are very comprehensive. To do the job properly, a check out could never be completed in that short of a time period. We want to make sure that not only is everything working, but that your indoor air quality is up to standard.

Secondly, who wants to wait days, or even worse, weeks with no air conditioning or heat? Our service agreement clients receive priority service over customers who do not have a service agreement.

Safety first

We have invested in state-of-the-art digital carbon monoxide testing instruments called combustion analyzers and stock them on all of our trucks. Carbon monoxide is known as the silent killer because it is odorless and tasteless which makes it that much more important to check. It is also not caught by standard air purifiers. This is one of our services we perform during our heating maintenance check out that sets us apart from much of the competition. Your indoor air quality is our priority.

Do we provide maintenance on accessories such as humidifiers and UV lights?

Yes, we service steam humidifiers, fan powered humidifiers, bypass humidifiers and all types of UV lights. Manufacturers recommend maintenance to be performed for humidifiers and most UV lights on an annual basis. Some humidifiers require maintenance twice a year particularly in areas with harder water. We offer discounts on these services depending on the service agreement you choose.

Will you change my filter?

Our trucks are stocked with several types of specialty media filters; however we do not stock 1" filters. If your system uses a specialty filter not stocked on our trucks, we would be happy to make sure our technician has one when he performs your maintenance. Most air purifiers use fairly standard filters but if you feel yours is unusual let us know.

Did you know dirt is the biggest enemy of a heating and air conditioning system?

Having proper maintenance can keep your heating and air conditioning system in tip-top shape. Our professionals are trained to seek out dirt that can affect efficiencies and potentially cause major damage to your heating and air conditioning system.

How come my old outdoor unit never needed to be cleaned?

This is a question we get asked on a regular basis. Many of the newer air conditioners and heat pumps have multiple speeds (e.g., two speeds, five speeds or as many as sixty speeds). These units run longer cycles because they operate at a reduced capacity the majority of the time. Because these units run longer cycles, they will naturally pull more dirt into the outdoor condenser coil fins (this is the part that looks like a radiator) thus causing increased dirt buildup.

As a result, the dirt will reduce the amount of heat that can be removed from the home and cause your air conditioner or heat pump to work very hard. Keeping this condenser coil clean is very important to keep your air conditioner or heat pump operating at peak performance.

Below are the four service agreements we offer per system

Ultimate Comfort Agreement:

  • Two Preventative maintenance Inspections
  • 100% off parts and labor for repairs*
  • Priority Service
  • FREE Service Fee (normal business hours)

Better Comfort Agreement

  • Two Preventative maintenance Inspections
  • 45% off parts and labor for repairs*
  • Priority Service
  • 45% off Service Fee (normal business hours)

Good Comfort Agreement

  • Two Preventative maintenance Inspections
  • 20% off parts and labor for repairs*
  • Priority Service
  • 20% off Service Fee (normal business hours)

Basic Comfort Agreement

  • Two Preventative maintenance Inspections
  • 5% off parts and labor for repairs*

*some restrictions apply

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We look forward to building a long lasting relationship with you and continuing to provide you with quality workmanship and excellent customer service. We know that you have a lot of choices for a heating and cooling contractor and truly appreciate you choosing us to be YOUR Comfort Solution!

We offer service agreements in Northern Virginia, Washington DC, Alexandria, Arlington, McLean, Fairfax, and all surrounding areas.

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