You will notice on the old unit that there is a big concrete pad under it. Most companies would either reuse that pad or set the new pad on top of it. The proper procedure is to remove the concrete pad and install the new plastic pad directly on the ground as we did. This allows the pad to do its job and absorb sound and vibration to transmit it into the ground.

Our Work

The following are just a few examples of the jobs that we have performed. All of our work is of the utmost quality. We take pride in all of our work and treat all jobs as if they were our own home. Our Mechanics wear protective booties and our installers put down protective color coverings to respect your property.

Upon our arrival, we found this spider web of piping another contractor started but did not know how to finish. This is piping that water runs through to heat flooring of a home. Our finished product speaks for the quality of work that we provide.

This furnace from the 60's was expensive to run and inefficient. We removed the entire system and added an energy efficient, environmentally friendly hybrid system to save the owner money.

This was the furnace and ductwork we removed from the middle of a room and relocated so the customer could finish their basement. This is the newly relocated high efficiency furnace and hot water heater. We also took care of our customers needs with UV lights, humidification and electronic air cleaning.

You will notice on the left side of the furnace, the ducting is new. This is because the original installation was done incorrectly and only a portion of the air was being filtered. You will also notice the box (coil) on top of the old furnace is not the proper size and sealed correctly. Our installation is done correctly and sized properly.

We removed an old and moldy air conditioner. We replaced it with a new, high efficiency, 2-Stage heat pump. Note the precision and neatness or our work. This is how all jobs are done.

This was an old oil furnace that we removed and installed a new 2 speed, 2 stage, high efficiency gas furnace. The return duct was undersized so we added an additional return. We also added a media filter.

This was a 13 year old furnace our customer complained about how noisy it was and how hard it was to change the filter. We installed a new variable speed furnace to resolve the noise issues and increase airflow throughout the home. We reconfigured the ductwork to accomodate a new media filter.

This was an 18 year old heat pump system that we upgraded to a Carrier Infiinity Heat Pump System. You can notice how the piping we did is straight and we reconfigured the drain to keep it out of the walkway to reduce the chances of it being broken.

This was a air handler that was in a very tight access closet.

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We have been awarded the 2019 Carrier President's Award. This is Carrier's highest honor and is presented to an elite group of Carrier Factory Authorized Dealers who have achieved excellence. We exemplify our company's model for customer satisfaction, operational excellence, business effectiveness and delivering the best in cutting edge technology to our consumers.